TWiT Demonstrates Google Glass – Home Automation Potential?

There have been plenty of Google Glass reviews already but last Sundays episode of ‘This Week in Tech’ provided one of the best insights yet into the product.  The $1,500 developer preview should be more like $200-$500 once it’s available as a consumer product in 2014.  But it’s going to require an adjustment to ‘social norms’ before we start accepting these sorts of devices in our day to day lives.

The TWiT panel make the point that Glass is the Apple II of wearable computers, just the start of something interesting that will lead to truly useful devices within the next 2 decades.

Do you agree?  Will you be nodding and blinking at your lights in the future to control them?  Will you be able to look around your property when away from home merely by glancing up?  Check out this video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Google Glass   :

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