UK Insteon Modules – Hands On Video and Photos

One of Insteon’s engineers is currently in the Automated Home doing some final field testing of UK modules and the units have performed flawlessly around our home.  Here are some photos of some final engineering samples and a quick video…

Insteon refer to their system as “Dual Band” as every command gets transmitted over both RF and Power Line.  This built-in redundancy is designed to ensure your commands get through.  The RF side of things is a Mesh Network where every module receives and re-transmits signals to maximise range and reduce dead spots.

On the Power Line side Modules are also capable of sending X10 commands to control any legacy devices you may have.  All of Insteon’s latest modules, and therefore all the ones heading to the UK and Europe, will support status requests.  All in all it’s shaping up to be a great launch.

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Insteon Module
Insteon Module
Insteon UK DIN Rail Module
Insteon UK DIN Rail Module
Insteon Signal   :    [UPDATE] Good news at last – check out our new article here

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  1. This is fabulous to hear and see! How many years has it been talked about for? Very happy 🙂

  2. Any word on wall switches/dimmers?

  3. Well, is it happening or not…?

  4. Hi,

    Just a quick note to say that Vesternet have now launched the INSTEON products in the UK and Europe.

    Product details are available at:


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