Video: Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi to JenNet-IP Bridge Gives Every Light Bulb an IP

A quick home automation video demo video of the JenNet-IP system controlling lighting via Wi-Fi.  NXP and Belkin WeMo are collaborating to show this system where each light bulb gets its own IPv6 address.

The system uses an enhanced 6LoWPAN network layer as defined by the IETF and targets ultra-low-power IEEE802.15.4-based wireless networking for residential and industrial applications.

“What if every device in your home had its own Internet IP address? At the 2012 International CES, NXP and Belkin International, Inc. are demonstrating a “smart home” network that allows you to control light bulbs — each with its own IPv6 address — using a smartphone or tablet.

The network features a WeMo device from Belkin that enables mobile devices using Wi-Fi to interact securely with smart home appliances using JenNet-IP — NXP’s ultra-low-power wireless connectivity software based on 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4. The WeMo Home Automation demo will be featured in the NXP booth (CP8) and Belkin booth (South Hall #30651) at CES.

JenNet-IP  :  Belkin WeMo

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