Video: CommandFusion Tutorial Designs GUI’s for iOS and Android Home Automation

CommandFusion are well known for their iViewer mobile home automation app.

They’ve recently posted some useful links in our forums for a couple of video tutorials that give a good insight into their powerful guiDesigner software.  This is a Windows application that provides a CI or DIY installer a drag and drop environment to develop custom user interfaces that can be used to control home automation systems from iOS and Android devices.

Our flagship software product is iViewer, which is already widely used in the professional automation and control industry. Basically its an application for iOS and Android devices that allows you to create a custom GUI to control almost anything.

The idea behind this is that you can control all your systems, from one app. It could be a combination of Crestron, Global Cache and Sonos devices – you can control it all from iViewer.  iViewer is configured using a windows application called guiDesigner.  To see a basic tutorial as to how this is done – see our quick start guide here:

We also provide a hardware solution for connecting other systems and devices together for seamless automation and control. Our hardware uses open protocols, to allow for ultimate flexibility. Pricing is also very competitive.

See a quick start guide on our hardware configuration tool here (its a little longer):

3 Comments on "Video: CommandFusion Tutorial Designs GUI’s for iOS and Android Home Automation"

  1. What a FAB product.

    I downloaded the demo, and within minutes had an iphone controlling my lights etc via a network connected arduino – really neat.

    BUT, once you’re signed up, you’ll realise that they want 98 GBP (no decimal point there) for the device license for the software. – Thats 300 quid to kit out 3 iphones in the same house 8-(

    Sorry guys, REALLY cool products, but you need to seriously reduce the cost of that software license – If 1000 people read this post on automated home, you’d be 10k up by now – instead, you probably sold a handful.

    This stuff looks even better quality than some of your competitors, and your GUI designer app is fab – but you need to make the software license cheap – hell, charge me 10GBP for the iphone app, even 20GBP – Sling got away with that for the slingplayer iphone app, but 100 quid is too steep – sorry.

  2. Totally understand that the license is too expensive for a personal, DIY-type usage. Our products are typically geared towards high-end systems integrators.

    We took note of your request. We’d love to provide a cheaper version of iViewer for end users willing to setup their own remote control.

    You can use iViewer for free as long as you keep your remote contained in a single page. I know that’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

  3. Florent,
    Much appreciated – thanks 8-), I was looking forward to playing with the more advanced features, as I’ve already outgrown a single page. I’ve tried several similar products, and can understand your high-end segment attraction, because it ‘just works’. – again nice work.

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