Video: Control4 Home Automation Haven in Notting Hill London

Home owner and art lover Mark Christophers hired James Paul AV to install a Control4 system in this automated Bachelor Pad in London

Mark Christophers (Homeowner) – “I love urban art, and I love twisted art. The stuff that people like or they’ll hate. I like stuff which is challenging, something a bit different. A sort of drawn quite a few inspirations from boutique hotels. For me, it was about making every room useable, and having a different atmosphere. I love technology but, I haven’t got a clue about it. I want to add to my lifestyle, not take away… so making it easier. There were a couple of options but at the time I was looking at it, very much Control4 smart home automation systems was the one that fitted with my lifestyle… and I wanted it to build into the house but be flexible enough to move with me ’cause I’m always changing my mind.”

James Shorter (James Paul AV) – “Mark’s got great input on the aesthetics. He kind of left the technical and how bit down to me, but he knew how he wanted it to look and how he wanted it to work. So, it’s great. Every time I come here, there’s a new bit of artwork, or a new statue, or a new something that we’re trying to squeeze in and get the lighting to work around. It keeps me on my toes. It’s just a cool pad. It’s a cool bachelor pad.”

Contro4   :   James Paul AV

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