Video: OpenRemote Demos Application Integration on iPhone and iPad

This new video from the guys at OpenRemote demonstrates an integrated home automation scenario controlled by their open source software. They’ve created and integrated four different application areas: lighting, climate, entertainment and a security tab dubbed ‘peace of mind’.  Check out the video below

The lighting application is based on Z-wave switches and allows lights control based on pre-defined scenarios such as ‘all on’, ‘away’, etc. Lights can also be controlled individually and with dimming. Also while you can have central control from your tablet or smart phone, individual physical light switches are still present and can be used normally. Their status (on/off) is also automatically reflected on the touch user interface.

This scenario is using Z-wave wireless sensor network for lighting control — OpenRemote can integrate with KNX or Lutron lights just as easily and using the same UI template.

The entertainment application is using infrared access to TVs, radio and audio playback. Audio sources can be switched from the touch interface and having all entertainment devices available from a unified control panel helps reduce the clutter of multiple remote controls.

Peace of mind application gives monitoring capabilities through control applications. House windows and doors can be equipped with sensors that reveal their status (open/close) and IP cameras can be used for video streaming the building surroundings.   :   OpenRemote Application Integration

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2 Comments on "Video: OpenRemote Demos Application Integration on iPhone and iPad"

  1. Shame they don’t include lightwave in their list what a god send that would be instead of having to use lightwaves etch a sketch app

  2. Hello Eric,

    We try to support different systems as much as possible but there are too many to choose from and we’ve given limited resources. So we prioritize based community and commercial interests.

    You may want to participate in this thread with regards to Lightwave: and give your feedback.

    Hope this helps,

    — Juha

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