Video : Transform Your Home into a Smart Home with Lightwave

Here’s a new video from LightwaveRF that gives a nice overview of their growing range of home automation products – including their new wireless radiator valves…

Lightwave is a range of intelligent dimmers, radiator controls, sockets and sensors that are just that little bit smarter. While they look and work just like ordinary dimmers, controls or sockets, they will change the way you control your heating, lighting and power in your home forever.

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6 Comments on "Video : Transform Your Home into a Smart Home with Lightwave"

  1. Another day, another protocol 🙁

  2. Yes, another protocol, but the good news is that it appears most players on the market are now designing IP gateways. Now all we need is a automation company to design interfaces for the major IP Gateways available in the industry, and we have a one-stop-shop…

    If Only…..

  3. We are looking into making a dashboard to control your home regardless of which brand of products you choose.

    Would you like to give us a list of major ip gateways and features you’d like as a user and we can do some analysis.

  4. @ RX That sounds like a brilliant idea.

    As the Apps that lightwave made for your smartphone looks like it was drawn with a crayon.
    The fantasy video showing mum wondering around the house with a ipad does not exist just go to the Apple app store and you wont find one for the ipad

  5. @Robbie.. there is the RFXCom RFXtrx433 which works with a whole bunch of different home automation equipment.. i use one with a pile of different adapters from LWRF, Home Easy, Byron and other manufacturers..

  6. Peter Johnson | January 8, 2013 at 2:55 pm |

    The video shows the new app, which replaces the current one.

    I think they had to extend it for some of the new heating and security features anyway.

    Now all we need is “If This Then That” ( support…

    @Simon This isn’t a new format, I’ve had it in my house for a year or so. (I have about 8 devices and the oddly-named “wifi hub”)

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