Video: UK Smart Home Doorbell from Ding Labs

We talked to Ding Labs co-founder, Avril O’Neil at this years Gadget Show Live.

Ding is a doorbell system that links to your smartphone so you don’t miss an important caller or delivery at your door, whether you’re in the back garden or in another country. The wireless system also links to an Chime module inside your home.

The UK startup are still researching the market and plan to launch via a crowd funding site later this year. One to keep an eye on.

Check out the video below.

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2 Comments on "Video: UK Smart Home Doorbell from Ding Labs"

  1. Im missing picture or video of incoming persons

  2. Video isn’t that important to me though I’d like a wired option for the doorbell as with the best willl in the world if that’s being used to transmit voice it’s going to run down rapidly, having the option to be a drop in replacement for my current wired setup would be great.
    IFTTT and/or other home automation workflow tool integration would be a nice plus though admittedly I can’t think of a use right now

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