D-Link 2.4 GHz Wireless Internet Camera

802.11Planet.com has reviewed the 450 US Dollar DLink wireless camera…”The DCS-1000W is a color camera, and it captures images in three resolutions (160×120, 320×240, and 640×480) with five levels of compression, ranging from Very High to Very Low. Frame rates of up to 30 fps are supported, but only at the lowest resolution. At maximum resolution, frame rates are in the single digits.

The camera has a 10/100 RJ-45 jack for the initial configuration, and you can use the camera in wired mode if you’re so inclined. A toggle switch on the camera lets you choose between LAN, WLAN, and LAN+WLAN modes. The DCS-1000W also has an I/O connector to be used with forthcoming optional modules, such as infrared and motion detection sensors…”

The DCS-1000W sports Power and LAN/WLAN LEDs on the front. You can choose to have these lights remain dark, or in so-called “dummy” mode where the LAN/WLAN light will remain on and flash randomly to obfuscate the operation of the camera to passersby.

D-Link recommends that the DCS-1000W not be used outside unless it’s housed in a weatherproof enclosure (or at the very least, placed under an overhang) and fitted with an iris lens (the standard lens can be damaged by direct sunlight).

Full DLink Cam Review

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