Netgear Wireless Home Lan

Just noticed this new Netgear proprietary home LAN wireless stuff. Available in PCI, USB or Ethernet flavour (seemingly no PCMCIA yet?) it is peer-peer and therefore requires no Access Point. Other advantages are price (around £250 for a starter kit) and it’s ability to deal with interference in the home from Microwave ovens.

“NETGEAR’s new Wireless11X products will provide home desktop computer users an easier path to extending the benefits of broadband Internet access throughout the home since there will be no need to run additional wiring. Performance of bandwidth-hungry multimedia applications such as: Streaming Audio & Video, MP3 playback, Internet telephony, and online gaming will benefit significantly from the NETGEAR Wireless11X products’ multimedia capability. NETGEAR Wireless11X products incorporate ShareWave’s Whitecap network protocol, which was designed specifically for the needs of the home user. Providing this type of Quality of Service is what separates NETGEAR’s new Home wireless solutions from existing Enterprise wireless solutions. Whitecap also provides a forward interoperability path with the IEEE 802.11b Enterprise wireless LAN standard.”


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