ZigBee Promise Grows

Jeremy Watson’s piece in Scotland on Sunday at the weekend featured an article on Home Automation . Once again ZigBee is mentioned…

“Do you wake up feeling groggy on a cold winter’s morning and want to switch on the lights, turn up the heating and tell the coffee maker in the kitchen to get cracking, all from the comfort of your own bed?

Or, as you make your way to work, would you like to call home from your mobile to make sure you haven’t left anything on during the last-minute rush to get out of the door?

The ‘Smart Home’ with all kinds of appliances from kitchenware to burglar alarms controlled by a single electronic device has been the dream of householders for decades.

Now those dreams of domestic bliss will shortly become reality. ZigBee, a new, cheap wireless technology that will allow people to remotely-control every electrical device in their home from one gadget is about to be launched to consumers.


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