BX24-AHT All Housecode Transceiver


Just spotted this on the news group. “The BX24-AHT is a DIY project that utilizes a BasicX-24 microcontroller, one of several RF receivers, and one of several X-10 powerline interfaces (PLI) to receive and decode RF signals sent by X-10 RF remotes and switches and pass them on to the powerline.

Unlike standard X-10 transceivers like the TM751 and RR501, the BX24-AHT can handle all 16 housecodes and can also receive and decode the RF from X-10 security devices and Stanley garage door sensors. It can be configured to exclude certain housecodes and to ignore or change the codes for certain house/unit codes or security RF codes. It has an improved antenna design which can eliminate the need for multiple transceivers or RF repeaters. A future release will support multiple powerline interfaces, which can eliminate the need for phase couplers/repeaters. If an IR receiver is used instead of the antenna and RF receiver, it can be controlled by IR. With an ultrasonic receiver, it can be controlled by ultrasonic transmitters.”


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