HR10 RF Rocker Switch – Review


The HR10E is one of a new series of wireless devices that works with a TM12 transceiver module. It is CE approved, operates on the newer 433MHz frequency (so check your TM12 isn?t one of the older 418MHz ones), and is a stylish compact unit.

The unit has 8 sets of on and off buttons, plus one dim and one bright button. A slider at the bottom sets these to control either devices 1 to 8, or 9 to 16 of the selected house code. The house code is set by the usual dial switch. An LED at the top flashes when the HR10E is sending a signal.

Dimensions are 11.5cm x 7cm x 2cm thick. With batteries it weighs under 130 grams. Power comes from 4 AAA batteries that are very slightly fiddly to fit as two need to be placed in and then pushed inside the unit before the other two can be fitted. The trick is to fit both innermost batteries together or one tends to slide sideways and block the other. The batteries can also be a bit awkward to get out, but its no big deal. The battery compartment is partitioned so they cannot wander off onto the circuit board.

A clear plastic insert on the left holds a paper strip which is labeled 1 to 8 on one side and 9 to 16 on the other. This can be used to indicate which devices those buttons will control. The strip also holds the house code labeling for the rotary switch at the bottom, so it may be worthwhile making a few copies of this strip in case you loose it.

Operating range is as expected with low power devices such as these. It has been seen to work over at least 10 metres, but is of course dependent on the location of the TM12.

Its small size, plus the fact it can control all 16 devices within a house code, makes the HR10E a very attractive control device. It costs less than the KR19E key fob – true, it won?t fit on a key ring, but it will fit your pocket or glove box.

Approximate Price £28.00 Available From Lets Automate

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