Powerhouse X10 Remote Chime Module (SC546)


OK…guess what the Chime Module does…? If you said “Chime” give yourself 10 points. If you said anything else then slap your left cheek with your right had and say “Silly Boy!”. I use my chime module (cunningly set as “C”hime “1”) to wake me up in the morning. In conjunction with my bedroom lights flashing this unit gets me out of bed where others have failed. It could also be used as a remote doorbell, an indication of movement detected by PIR or a hundred and one other things.

The unit responds to the “ON” command and does a sort of a “Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding DANG” affair. There is no volume control but it is loud enough to wake me and yet quiet enough not to give me a heart attack when it does go off. One annoying (or possibly useful) thing about it is that if you remove the power to it, it tries to chime in a muffled, stranged, dying kind of way. In reality what this means (as I know from experience) is if there is a power cut in the middle of the night then your chime module will probably wake you!

To sum up then a very useful little module that has a multitude of uses.

Approximate Price £26.39
Available From Laser Business Systems

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