Wireless Receiver – With Built In Appliance Module (TM751)


(The module tested is the US unit, this operates on frequencies that are not allowed to be used for this purpose in the UK. When using the module for testing purposes I’ve experienced no problems….YMMV).

The unit is a converted US module. It will need a plug adaptor It has a small telescopic aerial on one side. A house`se code selector on front and a test button for the “cam-style” relay. The appliance module is on the same house code with the address number of 1. I have only been able to use the appliance relay with radio control. It doesn’t respond to X-10 commands over the mains – is this possible? I would be very interested to know…. The appliance modules output is a 110v style plug – now you know why you kept the off-cut plug when you changed the MC460’s lead over to a English plug! With a small joiner you can use this appliance modules output with items that *DO NOT* require an earth. Do not use with items that require an earth.It resends received signals (from transmitters with the *same* house code) to the mains as a X-10 signal. It will resend all 16 addresses. The unit resends ON, OFF, DIM, BRIGHT codes for each received radiocommand.

Approximate Price £24.00
Available From Laser Business Systems

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