X10 DIN Rail Dimmer 60 to 1000W (LD10)


X10 LD 10 / LD 11 DIN Rail Dimmer

Now available as a CE approved DIN style module. This is a x-10 controlled dimmer module. It has the usual address setting switches on the front. There is a fuse protecting the module. This is in a fuse holder on the front (congratulations to the designer for this, so many units have an internal fuse now a days…).

There are two additional wire inputs on the module. One is a pulse input allowing an external momentary switch to toggle the dimmer unit. The other is for a normal switch to do the same function.

The module isn’t two-way. Use of the override inputs will change the state of the switch without informing other X-10 equipment. Obeys ON, OFF, BRIGHT, DIM, ALL-LAMPS-ON, ALL-UNITS-OFF commands The module has the usual “quirk” of these X-10 dimmers of having to go to full power and then will allow them to be dimmed down. This is a pet hate of mine, it doesn’t allow subtle scene changes unless you set them up by switching them on before and then dimming them down.

The unit fits easily into MK and Gewiss Din-type enclosures. Normal “top-hat” 35 x 7.5 mm rail. Download the installation/Data sheet (Word format – Zipped 184K) for the LD10

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