X10 Infrared Controller


Similar to the Mini Controller the IR Controller (IR543 / IR7243) allows you to operate up to 16 modules via an infrared remote control and 8 modules via its own buttons on the unit.

The modules can be either switched on/off or in the case of lights dimmed. There is also the facility to switch everything on or off… You can use this unit with any ONE housecode. For example if your downstairs lights are on house Code A but your upstairs are on B you can control only one or the other. With an intelligent controller like HomeVision however, you could trigger macros that would give you access to 16 commands across many different house codes.

The IR controller is a real must if you have a Pronto remote control! See the Downloads section for X10 enabled CCF files.

The IR543 has now been replaced with the CE Approved IR7243.

Approximate Price £34.99

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