New Pan & Tilt Cam from X10 – no idea when/if this is available in UK…

“Introducing the most exciting and significant Video Surveillance product of the year! It’s the NEW Ninja Pan ‘n Tilt, an X10 video camera mount and controller that allows you to easily move your XCam2 Camera from left to right, and up to down! With the included Ninja Scan Pad Remote, you can remotely move the position of the camera to monitor whatever you want! With its Ultra Sweep & Scan™ feature you can put your camera on auto-pilot to sweep between 4 preset locations, perfect for when you’re not home!

SIMPLE AS 1-2-3! Place the Ninja base on a table or platform, connect the base to a TriPod, or mount the Ninja to any wall using the included wall mount. Attach any XCam2 Video Camera to the Ninja Base, then view all the action on any TV or PC*! Then using the Ninja ScanPad Remote control up/down and left/right as you scan all the action! The motor inside the Ninja is extremely quiet, unnoticeable to people in the room!”


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